Lake Annecy

After a full day exploring Amsterdam, we decide to leave for France, for fear of a €150 fine for sleeping in our car!We head for Lake Annecy – the result of a google search for ‘France’ and ‘lakes’.Turns out France has a number of exquisite lakes, which just so happened to be on our route back to Pont de Montvert.

A 6 hour-ish drive, and a nap at a truck stop later, we drive into the bustling town of Annecy… Slightly more bustling than we anticipated, turns out every Tom, Dick and Harry decided to visit Lake Annecy at the same time as us. We head for the lake side which is just out of central Annecy town… You can’t miss it…Huge mountains form a semi circle behind the stunning crystal clear lake, the colours of the rock contrasting with the blue water are very spectacular.2015-05-13 18.19.23

We drive round the right hand side, aiming for less people… We end up parking behind a Vdub-camper beside the lake, in a chalet village style car park, it does the trick, and we soak up this magnificent view.

2015-05-13 18.43.212015-05-14 16.17.58
The following day we explore Annecy town.. Stupidly I forgot to take my camera! It was the quaintest, cobble stoned, canal lined, typical postcard French town we have visited. Full of baguette stores, cafés lining the canals, gelato stores, tourist shops… And of course all this was viewable through the thick mass of holidayers/ tourists arging-and-barging to get their sandwich first. The town was so pretty but we didn’t stick round long as both Dan and I got looked up and down one to many times by some uppity French women in their Saturday-best. What’s wrong with dungarees I ask you?!!
After a glorious swim, we decide to move on round the lake and find somewhere more isolated… 2015-05-15 09.26.442015-05-15 09.26.36

We envisioned, us parked on a grassy verge beside the crystal blue lake.. The closest we got was a back road dead end car park beside a wharf- this was good enough for us!
Unfortunately we were woken the following morning to our second Police visit, telling us we must move on and can not sleep here… At this point our options became limited. We’d driven to France early in our trip, in the hope of having more freedom than in The Netherlands, to park up in our Landycamper without being fined, or having to pay for a ridiculously overpriced campground, however we seem to have been mistaken!
We pack up rather disgruntled and head for our last stop before home… Grenoble.

2015-05-15 11.03.08


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