Canoeing Gorges Du Tarn

Back at The Eagles Nest safe and sound- Back to work we go.

2014-08-31 10.11.25

But not before a staff trip to canoe the Gorges Du Tarn!

The Gorges Du Tarn is a canyon formed by the river Tarn. The river is 53 kilometres long, and runs from the village of Quezac to Le Rozier.  We have previously been rafting on the Gorges Du Tarn, but from Le Vignes, further down the river. We start at Sainte Enimie, going with the Mejean Canoe company, choosing the option to canoe 13 Km from Sainte Enimie to La Malene. 


Dan and I bravely opt to have a go at the double.


We get off to an energetic start, this lasts about 1km before we realise we are zigzagging from one side of the river to the other… managing to get lodged on every rock.

Bad-paddling aside, it was absolutely amazing, the water a colour I’ve only ever seen on a postcard, the cliffs forming limestone plateaus which tower above us, and vulchers soaring in circles above us.




As we paddle down the river, along the riverside there are multiple places to stop for picnics, set with tables and toilets if needed.


After swapping into single canoes Dan and I have a new found boost of energy, this is FUN! The other couple race off in the double – in perfect sync … we realise that it wasn’t a faulty boat… it was just us! HA!




We paddle past beautiful stone villages, consisting of about 5-10 houses, accessible only by boat.DSCF0739

Incredibly picturesque- as is this whole area!



As we come into La Maline, my arms are beginning to threaten falling off, so its a welcome sight. Paddling down towards the small town on the river side I see Karolina and Pete’s canoe disappear! I slowly paddle up and realise theres a small waterfall they’d flipped down. I paddle up, withsome force… surge up and over. WOOOHOOOO






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