Our first week volunteering via Workaway, at a goat farm in Le Sappey in the Rhone Alps region has flown by. It was full of an assortment of delicious cheeses, herbal teas, funny goats, some mud, some hard work and Tartiflette! A mountain speciality from this region.

photo 3

Tartiflette is made by frying up some potatoes and onions. Putting them in an oven dish with some cream- cream is optional.

On  top of this already delicious concoction, two blocks of Roblochon cheese is added. TWO blocks. This cheese is only found within the Rhone Alps region of France- hence it being a mountain speciality. However, the taste is similar to mozerella.

photo 2

* Hot Tip : When eating hot cheese, DO NOT drink WATER,  DRINK WINE! When you drink water with hot cheese it solidifies the cheese as it’s being digested… causing immense stomach pains!


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