Cochonaille (The day of the pig!)

Lucky for us, Dan and I were in the right place, at the right time and got to participate in a french family tradition called Cochonaille, the day of the pig.

The role of the pig in the goat farm, is to drink the left over whey from the production of the cheeses. Then, once the cheese production ceases in November, the pigs become a celebratory lunch for the family, their friends and neighbours.


The meal takes place at the family restaurant with the intent to use as much of the animal as possible.

So first task was to make blood sausage, or black pudding. Directly after the pigs were killed, they were lifted upside down, the blood was drained into a bucket, vinegar was added and whisked. Milk, butter, spices, caremalised onions and salt and pepper are added and it is heated.


Then, using the pigs intestine, the mixture is carefully funnelled in, tying off sausages as you go. This process was slow and careful as you have to look out for holes in the intestine before its too late and blood is spurted everywhere!



All up, we made 200 black pudding sausages!


Then, once the sausages are made, they are parboiled.



Second task was to mix the brain, liver, and kidney with onions and spices. This mixture is then made into balls and rolled in the pigs stomach lining.




And finally, the fatty pieces of pork are boiled down, ground with onions and spices and made into sausages.



For the meal, the first course consists of a green salad, served with the liver, brain and kidney balls fried on top. Followed by the black pudding, served with apple puree. Then a rich gravy pork stew served with pollenta. And lastly, a slice of sausage served with mashed potato.

And for desert, a light meringue served with cream and rasberrys.

We tried everything and mmhmmm, was all very nice. The black pudding was very rich but the apple puree softened the flavour. The fried stomach lining balls were very tasty!!!

Bon appetit!





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  1. tanyakristin says:

    That’s brilliant Milly – it’s amazing that there are still places doing all that traditional food themselves.

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