Chalet Life

As one chapter ends, another begins. And this is one we have been looking forwards to for a very long time. Working a ski season!! We managed to score a job with Alpine Action, a leading quality ski chalet company based in Meribel and La Tania, in France, with offices in the UK.

Heading into our training week we really have no idea what we’ve got ourselves in for- other than 4 months snowboarding and cooking- Which sounds ACE for us! Our first week goes well, learning the do’s and don’ts, and frantically taking notes as my nerves get the better of me and I realise how much work there really is! “We’ll be fiiiine” Dan keeps saying… again and again. And he’s right- We know what we’re doing, but its slightly daunting to say the least!

We move into our luxury 14 bed chalet called Cote Coeur and settle into some solid cleaning and organising.



Hey Guys! We work for Alpine Action 🙂

To explain our role, lets just pretend you are a guest to our chalet.

Dan and I will be waiting in La Tania to greet you as you exit the bus- Which you have been picked up in, by the Alpine Action drivers. We then take you up to the chalet and serve freshly baked cake, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, and we welcome you with a ‘welcome speech’ detailing all the important information you may require on day to day chalet operations.

IMG_3008 mmm Coffee & Walnut cake

Then you reeelax. Whether that be in the hot tub, in front of the fire or in your snug room. Canapes are served at 7.15pm in the lounge along with Kir (Creme de Cassis & Chardonay) and a three course dinner shortly follows.

Everyday, after a cooked breakfast, it is assumed you will head out skiing or snowboarding in the marvelous three valleys,(Courchevel Valley, La Tania, Meribel & Volatren Valley)

On your return to the chalet- Which I might add, is ski in, ski out- there will be a freshly baked cake, tea, coffee & hot chocolate.


Basically, we offer luxury ski holidays which are fully catered.

For Dan and I this past week has been hard work… but a lot of fun. Dan has slotted into role of Chef, and me into role of Host. This works quite well- I make the small talk as Dan concocts masterpieces. Then we go snowboarding!

This is the view from our kitchen window:


-Not a bad view to wash dishes from.

This year the snow has been a bit on the slow side to appear. We are based in La Tania, and this time last year the piste was open, however this year the snow has been scarce so very few runs have been open. However, as Dan and I are beginners there is a green run open in Courchevel Valley- Which is where we head to on our first day free!


This is Dan and I with one of our guests!

We’ve had one lesson with Cab9 snowboard instructors. This was awesome…


As you can see, I’m still smiling!

All in all, the first week has been a blast. We went out for our second day snowboarding today and Dan seems to have picked it up as if its like walking… Me however… well lets just say I am currently icing my ankle!!!! All in a hard days work!!!! Bring on christmas week!


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