Theres snow business like snow business

Iv’e attempted to write a new blog post numerous times, only to feel my eyes fluttering with sleep deprival. Finally, after a very hectic change over day, welcoming 14 new excited guests, I have found a chance to sit down with some energy still intact. SO… Since my last post Dan and I have thrown ourselves into a hectic schedule of work, snowboard, sleep, eat, repeat. This has taken its toll. (As Dan catches some ZZZ beside me)

It’s had its ups and downs. As with every job, there are the flaws. The largest and most intrusive flaw is the issue of ‘space’. Dan and I live onsite, with our guests. This has proved to be one of the hardest things- We can’t get away from them! SO in order to balance this out and make the most of our season here, we have really been throwing ourselves into snowboarding. The snow has well and truly arrived, with 1 metre within the last two days and more forecasted- the guests are happy, we are happy. We signed ourselves into three weeks of Seasonaire boarding lessons. Dan doing Advanced, off pisting and freestyling. Me doing beginner- level 4. Three weeks has just finished and the improvement is insane! I did my first black run on Wednesday- With ease. Dan is jumping over boxes and soaring down unpisted slopes like a pro.DSCF1221

And just yesterday, we experienced a ‘Powder Day’. The joy of boarding through bundles of fresh snow, letting your board float beneath you… YUP it IS as good as they described. And the best part is… I CAN DO IT TO.



Me and Katie having a picnic


My frustration at my slow uptake to boarding was reasoned when my Dad quietly reminded me how long it took me to walk… and to ride a bike. A snowboard is a big jump up the scale of ‘athletic’ and for someone with less than normal balance, I think I’ve done rather well!

We have begun to immerse ourselves slowly but surely into the boarding scene… quietly observing the ‘clicks’ of Park go-ers, Off- pisters, and generals Pro’s flipping and carving their way down the mountain. Its a whole new world based on their united love of snowboarding…labelled gear … and Apre. (Afternoon drinks) A very COOL and TRENDY world, one which I don’t quite fit into. My jacket it too tight for a boarder… My pants too fitted… My boots too white.. and my helmet too round, not to mention I ride a HIRE BOARD.To be a ‘cool’ boarder, you need to wear baggy loose fitted pants, a knee length jacket, head phones, a beanie and he/she needs to ride so relaxed, they’re practically walking, and what brand your board, binding, boots and helmet are making alllll the difference. Despite this lack of ‘cool’ I have as a boarder, my boyfriend seems to have unintentionally bought the right outfit to be ‘cool’. His 20 euro second hand ex army pants have served him well.

Putting the ‘Seasonaires’ social ladders aside- Dan and I have stuck to ourselves largely, saving our pennies and working hard at running our chalet and generating as many tips & positive reviews as possible.


It’s no easy task “genuinely” welcoming 14 new guests each week- each group as excited as the last- each week my mouth getting sorer and sorer from smiling.IMG_3056

Each day like groundhog day- the same food, the same discussions, the same questions. Each group, every person merging into one. Greg… Who was Greg again? Its draining. But on the upside, we are doing well… we are doing really well.

This is a photo one of our guests took of the food over the course of the week, and posted it on our reviews: IMG_3016


Christmas day: IMG_3046

A birthday cake: IMG_3142

A lemon possit with homemade shortbread, this is served on Friday night, after baked Salmon. IMG_3102




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