The Kit Kat club

After a hectic end to a soul destroying 5 months working a ski season. And the sale of our beloved LandRover. (That’s another story)  We leave France with heavy hearts and even heavier pockets. (HURRAH)

We head for Berlin to recuperate and spend time with the family.

Three weeks in Berlin is easy. Once you get into your groove coffee-ing at the local Australian owned Passenger,

riding bikes through all the glorious parks

Swimming in outrageous swimming pools

And staying up far too late.

Time goes quickly.

But before we leave, a friend recommends a list of ‘must see’s’ to me. This list is extensive. One Monday night, after a gin & tonic or two, I refer to the ‘Monday night Bars’ section of this list and see ‘The Kit Kat Bar’. So off Dan and I go. In what-we-know-as ‘true’ Berliner clubbing fashion we are wearing jeans, sneakers and tee’s, and aiming to arrive at 1pm. (Kick off is usually 2am-3am)

We arrive down a dark drive way behind a corner store & kebab shop. No clue where we are heading or what we’ve gotten ourselves into. A sign sparkes in red ‘kitkatclub’ above a dark door at the end of the drive way. We knock. A bald bulldog looking bouncer snarls at us through a square window. We are let in. Just. “That’ll be €9 each including coat check.” We look at each other. €9 to enter a bar? God it better be good! The woman behind the coat check smiles in a secret you-don’t-know-do-you smile, “You guys new??” We nod. “Aw you’ll LOVE it.”

We turn the corner and enter a glass sectioned bar. Circular leather seats fill the partitioned bar, filled with an eclectic mix of people smoking and drinking. Beyond one glass partition a full length swimming pool glistens with fluro lights. To the left stands a bar. We get a drink and veer into the dark door beyond the white and glass partitioned bar- towards the thumping music. We enter a two storied club. With a twist. Four poster beds line the walls with chain cuff links hanging from the corners. Old dental chairs. Whips. Cages. Leather harnesses. Oh and half the crowd dancing, are completely naked.

It takes a second or two to realise. We have entered, unbeknownst to us, a fetish bar. And tonight is Electric Monday’s.

The night starts here. I make friends with two very interesting transvestites who explain that tonight is very ‘tame’ in comparison to every other night. That tonight is just about the music. We chat to a group of Swedish girls away for the weekend. We watch the crowd grow and grow and grow. All types of people, everyone dancing, some clothed, some unclothed, some in the process of unclothing their clothes. It’s all good- it’s the Kit Kat Club, anything goes! We leave in the early hours of the morning… After a very interesting night!!!


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