Canal Holidaying in France. Nerac to Agen

We leave Nerac the following morning and head for Vianne. Here we plan to spend a few days as we realise if we carry on at the rate we’re going we’ll be back to Agen in no time! We arrive in Vianne, a very small walled village, perfect for cycling round, doing face masks IMG_2364

And perfect for relaxing at the local Restaurant and drinking our new favourite drink, Monaco- Beer, grenadine, lime juice and lemonade.

IMG_2444 IMG_2381

After two days of lolling in the sun drinking Monaco’s and reading, we head to our next destination Buzet-sur-baise. DSCF1504 DSCF1497

Arriving in Buzet, we decide to walk to the local Vineyard which supplies most of South West France’s wine. IMG_2483 It rains as we walk.

We spend one night in Buzet-sur-Baise and then head onwards to our final destination, Agen. This is our longest day travelling, with 4 hours of canal cruising and around 7 locks! However, this is the most beautiful part of the cruise, when you enter the canal du Garome. DSCF1522

We cycled alongside the boat which was awfully fun!! (And much faster!) DSCF1526

The final day is quite hard work, due to the number of locks to navigate one after the other, and this was the only time throughout the trip that we ever queued to enter a lock. The canal Garome has a stronger current than the Canal Baise, so we did encounter some difficulty pulling up to locks. We arrive in Agen with one final night on the boat, so we head to a local restaurant for some food and get some much needed sleep.(Holidays are oh so tiring.) IMG_2519

And off we head to Paris for another four days of pastries!!!


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