Oui Oui Paris

As our travels wind down, our last venture is one of the most exciting. My Mum and Nan fly into Paris to meet Dan and a full itinerary of tourist holidaying commences.

My first impression of Paris is that it’s grand…and clean. Previously, on arriving in big cities such as Istanbul, Marseille, London and Berlin, Dan and I have always found ourselves lost amongst the busyness, and hungry due to the high expense of city living. However this time round, we are holidaying, not backpacking. Two totally different experiences.

IMG_2220 Bags with Wheels. Genius

First off we take a cruise down the river Seine.DSCF1403

This was a mighty big disappointment. Not only was the boat unable to travel all the way down the river to view the Notre Dame, (One of the few historical buildings I know of in Paris.. showing my lack of history knowledge here) due to the river being too high- But the dialogue played out on the speakers is so quiet and the chitter chatter from all the other tourists (The majority whom look to be Chinese) so loud, that the understanding we gather from the entire trip is that the river Seine goes down the middle of Paris… Oh and hey look, theres the Eiffel Tower! IMG_2227 DSCF1417

But being in holiday-mode, as we are… we enjoy the breeze in our hair and carry on- deciding to find a nice coffee & pastry to much on… something which isn’t hard to fine in the home of french pastries.


The first day is spent walking- and much like in Istanbul, we find that you can walk in one direction for hours… and still not have any understanding of where you are! However, it is, hands down the best way to view a new city. DSCF1418

Nan is completely worn out, reaching her all-time highest ever step count on her app- So back to our Air Bnb apartment we head.


That night we head to a trip-adviser recommendation for cheese fondue & raclette. (The restaurant name escapes me… but it’s a very small venue, very traditional in central Paris) We over indulge in cheese in various forms, red wine and bread until we are all ready to roll home. (Maybe this isn’t the way the French eat…)

The following day we head to our local Boulangerie for a dose of buttery-pastry-goodness and then head to the Sacre Couer to do a bit of touristing about.

IMG_3778 Very Grand

IMG_3774 This is us

IMG_3768 Paris in all its glory

On our way home we stop to watch a canal boat navigating the very narrow Paris canals- Trying to pick up some tips for our next adventure….



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