Turkish Ice cream

Here come the first of many Turkish food reviews, requested by my dear mother.
Who if I ever win lotto, will fly directly to Turkey so she too can try all these yummy foods!

Maraś, or Dondurma, or Turkish Ice cream is particular to Turkey, as it’s unlike any ice cream you will ever try!
It’s consistency is chewy, almost nougat like. Very creamy, almost milky, cold like most ice creams, melts in your mouth, but with more of a chewiness, hence the common term ‘chewy ice cream’.
Travelling the south of Turkey we didn’t spot any maraś, until we reached Cappadocia, Göreme, where we had one misunderstanding and had normal Icecream, before the real deal from a man with a stall standing on the street. We had two flavours, caramel and vanilla for 8TL, 4TL per flavour. In Istanbul, where we are now, there is an abundance of Dondurma carts, all the men dressed the same, doing tricks as they serve you.





5 thoughts on “Turkish Ice cream

  1. Ayse says:

    Hi, just a small correction: “Maraş” is the short name for the city “Kahramanmaraş”, where this Turkish icecream from goat milk originated. Dondurma is the only word for general icecream in Turkish and Maraş Dondurması refers to this type.

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